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Grain Leather Wallet



This product is crafted from hand-dyed top grain leather. The natural original condition and texture of leather cannot be reproduced by machines. Leather will become more vintage and durable with use.
Every product is unique, including color and texture. In order to maintain the original texture of the leather, hand-dyed top-grain leather cannot be extensively painted and therefore cannot completely hide the scars, wrinkles and grain of natural leather.


1. Avoid water; pat dry if wet and let air dry.
2. Minimize sunlight exposure to maintain color.
3. Dust regularly with a soft cloth. Use a damp cloth for cleaning without chemicals.
4. Condition sparingly with a suitable product for waxed leathers.
5. Store in a cool, ventilated area to prevent drying or mold.
6. It is easy to get scratches when rubbing, so be careful of sharp objects, nails, etc. If there are minor scratches on the surface, don’t worry. Rub the scratches with your thumb and it will disappear!

Compact yet complete, our wallet packs all essentials into a sleek, small frame. Everything you need, perfectly fitted in the palm of your hand.


Crafted to perfection, our wallet showcases impeccable details and premium hardware components, ensuring both elegance and durability in every stitch.

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Dark Brown


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